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Ab Machines

Ab Machines – Which One is Best ?

Hi, on this page you are will find a list of best ab machines that we find on Internet. The main purpose of these ab machines is to help you bring your six pack abs workout on new level and reach your dream body as fast as it is will be possible.

Slendertone Flex Belt

Slendertone 10 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt, Navy Blue, 24-47-Inch

And do not expect results in a week or two, if someone promises you to achieve your dream body in such a short time – they was just lying to you , because it is simply unrealistic. And there is no magic ab machines that will be able to do it in the whole world that will provide you with six pack abs in week time , only one way that is proven by all the athletes – it is hard and consistent workouts , remember – ” No Paine – No Gain” simple as that.

Most likely you will see the first results no sooner than in a month time, in addition, I recommend you pick up a program of diet and exercise for your age and muscle development because we are all different and the degree of preparation is also different.

Ab Machines – Getting your own Six-Pack Abs.

For years people have desired perfectly toned abs also referred to as six pack abs. The trouble is for most people it is an unattainable goal given the amount work it takes to achieve such a look.

One of the main reasons it is so hard for people to get to that level of fitness is because it takes more than a lot of hard work in the gym. Many people do not realize that it is not just a matter of toning or strengthening the core muscles of the abdominal region to give you the six pack ab look.

For the majority of people the real drawback is the amount of belly fat that typically accumulates over the top of the muscle tissue in the stomach area. So no matter how many crunches you do it will not improve the look of abdominals.

You will need a two pronged approach proper exercise and proper diet in order to achieve your ultimate goal. Let’s start with exercise regime for now. To ensure you are getting the most out of your time exercising you need to be sure that the equipment you are using is delivering most bang for your buck. Let’s talk about ab workouts and which ab machines are the best.

Ab Machines.

The main reason Ab Machines  that specifically targeted the Abdominal and oblique muscle groups were developed  to eliminate the pain associated with the technique used in performing traditional abdominal crunches. When performing lying crunches you normally interlock your hands behind your neck and pull your upper torso upward. This movement tends to cause pain in the neck area and in the lower back.

The Abs Machines come in several different types and each has their own list of benefits. Despite their differences they all achieve the same goal of allowing your body to complete more repetitions which leads to far better results in a much shorter time.

Another key to the success of this type of exercise equipment is its ability to place your body in the optimum position to perform the exercise. It was discovered long ago that is far more beneficial to have the proper technique when it comes to abdominal exercises than simple speed or quantity.

What type is the best ab machine?

How you determine which is the best ab machine is for you? That is a tough question to answer, but we should talk a little about which machines are out there that specifically target the abdominal and oblique muscles.

Ab Belts – This type of machine uses electric pulses to cause the muscle to contract and relax many times per minute. By repeating this action many hundreds of times it will tone and strengthen each individual muscle in the upper, lower abdominal and oblique muscles.

Ab Lounge – This type of machine positions your body in proper position by having you literally lounge back into a chair type apparatus. Your arms are positioned above your head and grasping a strap attached to the top of the machine. With a rocking motion your torso is curled up causing your upper and lower abdominal muscles to contract and relax. This type of machine reduces the stress on the back of your neck and lower back.

Ab Coaster/Ab Glider – These types of machines Place your body in a kneeling position and you raise your lower body in an arching motion. This causes the muscles in the upper and lower abdominal region to contract and relax. By repeating this motion time after time you will tone and building strength in the abdominal area. There are optional movements depending on which type of machine you are using that have you perform a twisting motion which also cause your oblique or side muscles to contract and relax.

Pros of using an Ab Machines:

·         More natural movement
·         Reduced Strain on neck and back muscles
·         Stimulates nerves to contract muscles
·         Target all muscles in the Abdominal area

Cons of using an Ab Machines:

·         More expensive
·         Learning curve for proper technique
·         Takes up space depending on model

If you are looking for a way to jump start your abdominal workout and are tired of doing hundreds of crunches and getting very little result check out the follow  abs machines reviews and see what there is out there.

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